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What We Stand For

Our beliefs are pretty simple at Oregon’s Green.

The Highest Quality

We believe in using premium quality ingredients to encourage diverse and robust growth of beneficial microbes.

Organic Ingredients

Our goal is to encourage ecosystem development and help restore the earth organically.

Artisan Crafted

Each item we send out is handmade with care and attention to detail.

Proven Results

The proof is in the pudding. When you try OKashi gardening, the results will speak for themselves.

Our Story

We are a small startup located in Northern Oregon. We got started when we realized we wanted to be able to use the finest quality ingredients in our garden soil and kashi. We started creating our own organic soil mix, OKashi, Emulsions and AEM-1 probiotics. Soon, people began asking to use some of our products and of course we were happy to spread the wealth. Now, we offer our high quality organic gardening supplies to the public. Shoot us an email, or place an order online.

oregons green soil mix